Mental Models Box is a collection of models with fairly broad applicability. While there are a lot of great resources out there on mental models, we've tried to maintain a focus on brief descriptions with simple, real life examples of the models in use.

If there's a model you find interesting, we'd encourage you to research and read more about it. In the interest of brevity and conciseness, we do omit a lot of interesting details and history.


The Mental Models Box website and model data is open-source. For details, visit the contribute page.


If you'd like to contact us, feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter. For bugs, feel free to file an issue or create a pull request on GitHub.


Text on this website is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. A lot of the model information has been sourced from Wikipedia and a link to the corresponding article is provided under each model when available.