Lindy Effect

Things that have been around for a while are likely to continue to stick around.


The Lindy Effect is a theory that suggests the future life expectancy of non-perishable things, such as a technology, an idea, or a book, is proportional to their current age. This means the longer something non-perishable has been around, the longer it is likely to continue to exist. This concept is often used to discuss the longevity of cultural items or technologies, suggesting that those which have proven their durability over time are likely to remain relevant or in use for an extended period.


  • Classical works of literature, like those by Shakespeare, having been around for centuries, are likely to remain relevant and read for many more years.

  • The QWERTY keyboard layout, despite its inefficiencies, has been in use since the 19th century and is likely to continue being the standard due to its widespread adoption and familiarity.